Beauty: How I Build Facemasks Into My Routine

Now, every girl loves a good facemask. A time to slather it on, light a candle, brew a cuppa and read a good book or magazine. Don’t get me wrong, a mini pamper evening is right up my street. But quite often I just don’t have the time to spend half an hour doing nothing.

 photo 2017-01-22 11.08.24_zpsp4hpc13t.jpgThat’s quite depressing, really. But true. Some weeks I don’t really have half an hour to spare to just sitting and relaxing. I mean, if I stopped with the incessant scrolling of social media, if I used my lunch hour a bit better, if I worked a bit smarter, then sure. I’d probably have more time that I know what to do with. I am of the mindset that any spare time I have from now until April (and then June-September. And repeat for the next few years) should be spent studying. Pamper evenings are becoming rare!

So whilst it’s a ‘no’ to regular pamper sessions, I can’t quite give up how good my skin both looks and feels after a facemask. It’s smoother, more radiant, makeup applies better and last longer. It just looks good. So now I just squeeze in a quick facemask session into my general skincare routine. I get the glowy skin, I get the pampered feeling, but I don’t feel like I’m procrastinating (too much).

 photo Bodyshop Facemasks 12_zpsyq2rxjn3.jpgBefore I wash my hair (so every 2-3 days) I throw on a clarifying mask – I’ve used the Warming Minerals one for years, but I’ve noticed a sneaky packaging/naming change so I’m hoping it still agrees with my skin. Because of the consistency of this (it’s quite thin, especially to a damp face), I find it works well to remove makeup – obviously taking off mascara first. A quick rinse with a facecloth whilst under the shower and I’m fully cleansed.

This particular mask is warming as you apply it, adding to the pampering feel. It’s slightly tingly (and God forbid you get it in your eyes!), and the end result is soft, smooth skin. Clear pores, yet no tight, dry feeling. It also brings out lurking spots like nothing else I’ve tried.

 photo Bodyshop Facemasks 13_zpstmbn7sro.jpg photo Bodyshop Facemasks 19_zpscmk8o5ez.jpgWhen my face is feeling a bit lack-lustre, I’ll go in with either an exfoliating mask or a more nourishing one.

My exfoliator of choice (currently at least!) is this Acai Energizing mask. I confess, I don’t use it as a traditional mask. I simply massage it on, concentrating on any drier ages, then rinse off with a facecloth. Smooth, revived skin in just a few minutes. I also find taking 30 seconds to massage my face so relaxing.

I find this mask great for reviving my skin after a long week. It smells good, feels refreshing (a Godsend after a long Tube journey!) and leaves my skin looking and feeling much happier. And it looks like raspberry jam…what more can you want?!

 photo Bodyshop Facemasks 11_zpsvdwxftwd.jpg photo Bodyshop Facemasks 5_zpsodbw1br8.jpgThen there’s the nourishing mask – and my skin has definitely needed nourishing this winter! It’s taken a battering with cold weather, a bombarding of air conditioning and heating, and the recycled air on the underground. Plus London water is not kind to skin! I find I get the best results from any kind of moisurising mask if I apply to wet skin then leave on for five minutes. Anything longer and it tends to block my pores (or become itchy), anything less and it just don’t do anything.

This Honey Mask has been great during the winter, though I’m not sure I’ll be a fan of it’s sticky texture when it gets warmer (I’m hoping to pick up the Rose one for then – I’ve tried it out in store and it smells gorgeous!). I tend to apply it just before bed, then go about doing all the bed-time things. Brushing my teeth, getting my cup of tea prepped for the morning, pushing allllll the cushions onto W’s side of the bed (because it’s the annoying things he loves most about me!). I’ll then rinse off quickly and pop into bed – waking up with soft, smooth skin that’s hell of a lot more plumped up. I find it revives my complexion, leaving me with even toned skin. Definitely a must-have for me – I’ve been using it every other day for the past few months.

 photo Bodyshop Facemasks 10_zpsepsek4e6.jpgPlus, these new Bodyshop facemasks are just so prettyyyyy on my bathroom shelf. I’m a sucker for good packaging!

Typically, despite having flawless skin at the time of writing, just before posting my skin decided to have a major breakout. Thanks hormones. So to those of you who see me around now, my current skin is not a reflection of these products!

Are you a fan of facemasks? Do you prefer proper pamper evenings, or just slotting them into your routine?

Beauty: SPF 50 BB Cream from Garnier

This has got to be one of the most hushed-up released this year. I have always loved Garnier skincare, and ironically their sun cream is the only one that doesn’t give me an itchy, blotchy rash. At £9 ON OFFER (usually overpriced at £16, though currently at 2 for £13) this was expensive, especially considering it was scarily orange toned, but I just had to try it.

Garnier BB Cream SPF 50 photo 415f1d60-dde6-4c9b-ab76-cb79ed0529b6_zpsaa3gr7mt.jpgTurns out that was a good decision.

This is light in terms of coverage, offers the same glow as my holy-grail moisturiser, and manages to smooth out all of my redness and counteracts the sallowness that comes with less than six hours sleep for several nights.

Garnier BB Cream Review photo fa899b4f-2286-48b9-9612-7d4793d51a06_zps1hgq1dvt.jpgYes, it is orange. But somehow it blends in relatively well. It is still dark on my currently ghost-like skin, I admit this. But I’m ridiculously pale, I only just manage to get Rimmel’s Light Porcelain to blend in. Give me a few more weeks of lunchtimes in the park and I’m pretty sure this will be fine.

Garnier BB Cream photo e9960753-d4db-47a7-b01f-d8eec385784c_zpsguhffqhf.jpgI can’t wait to try this out in full sunlight. My face burns quite easily (dammit), and I get annoyingly freckly (W says it’s cute…). Hopefully this will stop me adding to the freckle collection. But even if it doesn’t, it gives me the healthy skin I so desperately crave, without any fuss. It will be a staple in my holiday makeup routine, that’s for sure!

Do you have any recommendations for facial SPF or BB creams?

Beauty: Glow-Giving Moisturiser for Under £5

I’ve relied on the same bits of skincare for pretty much the last few years, but the only thing I stockpile (there’s currently two tubes in my wardrobe, plus open tubes at mine, my parent’s and W’s house!) is this moisturiser.

 photo 50d11fcf-f3cc-420e-8953-d39fbc03e7a2_zpsfyy6owby.jpgI’ve used a combination of these since they were released. The Ultra-Moisturising tube is great for winter, though I can’t use it every night. I love the Hydrating version too – this is perfect for when my skin feels a bit thirsty, yet it doesn’t overwhelm it. It’s also amazing on sunburn…But my absolute favourite has to be the SPF version.

 photo 5bde0aa9-374d-4bfa-9069-3d1550939215_zpsyssjsili.jpgWIth SPF20 this is enough for day-to-day use. I wouldn’t use it on holiday or a full day out in the summer, but for days where I’m not worshipping the sun it’s plenty. Light and easily absorbed, it’s oil-freeness makes it an excellent base for makeup, and I find my foundation always seems to blend better when I’m wearing this. But the best part? The glow! No shimmer in sight, this tube is just radiant skin in a bottle. I’ve trialled a few high-end moisturisers and nothing has yet to give results like this. It might not be luxurious, it might not be the most spa-like, but the results speak for themselves. I think I’m on about my eleventh tube of this now!
 photo 2ca75f9d-96c1-4c8f-a2af-c5e77fa0b557_zpsuvhzlvhz.jpg
Giving change from a fiver, this budget glow-giving moisturiser is a daily staple in my routine, and I adore it. Please don’t ever stop making it Garnier!

What are your skincare staples? 

Beauty: Save or Splurge?

I’ve been a bit spendy since last July (hello full-time wage) but knowing I’ll be back to student loan living come September means I haven’t got my thriftiness. I still love highstreet finds, I’m perfectly happy to rummage through charity shops (in fact I occasionally set a whole day aside to do just that!). But there are a few things I’ve splurged on and not regretted it at all – and I’ll probably continue to buy these as opposed to saving a few pennies with cheaper items!

 photo 8529c880-9fe3-4da4-89af-76a4d4ceded0_zpsble5s3cg.jpgSo what do I save on? For me, items which I prefer to pick up cheaper are skincare (everything from moisturizers to cleansers), foundations and concealers. My all-time favourite moisturizer comes in at £4.99 full price (though I usually bulk-buy when it’s on offer). The Garnier Moisture Match range has something for everyone, but the glow-inducing SPF one is my go-to. I’ve used it for years and I’d be gutted if it was discontinued. With foundations, I’m always scared to go high-end in case it breaks me out – what a waste of money that would be! Rimmel do the perfect pale shade that has just the right under-tone for me, and with a variety of finishes there’s one for every occasion. Especially now I’ve finally thrown away my bottle of Wake Me Up – now that was a foundation I hated!

 photo 4d3b6fcd-ef8b-41af-afad-c348947a1579_zpstg8oxbob.jpgSplurging is the much more fun option! I have used Pixi Glow Tonic for a while, and whilst some would consider an £18 toner to be cheap it’s definitely a considered purchase for me. But a bottle does last a good six or so months, and it really does keep my skin in tip-top condition. My Hourglass Ambient Lighting palette was a 21st gift, I adore it though the price still makes me wince. It’s impossible to cake this on, and my skin always looks so radiant. I’m half-tempted to purchase a single pan of the middle-toned shade…that might have to go on the Christmas list though! I picked up one of the Real Techniques Bold Metal brushes, crying inside as I handed over my card. I love the look of it and love how it applies blusher. But £20+?! I’d love some of the others but I doubt it will happen anytime soon! My most regular splurge is probably MAC lipsticks. I wouldn’t say they are worth the price, but the colour range means I’ll always find what I’m looking for, and they have a variety of warm-toned options which I think the high-street struggles with.

 photo d6438dc9-0fa1-40a9-be0f-b93d8f8e9925_zps8wjue4sc.jpgI much prefer to save my money, particular on frequent buys – I love watching my savings climb higher with each pay-check, and knowing that my strict saving this year has meant I can afford a rather nice flat in London for the summer. I make my own lunches, I don’t buy coffee and I have a tight food budget. But I do have my treat items, and I have been adding to my wardrobe a fair bit. After-all, I’m not working hard to not treat myself!

Are you a high-end fan or a high-street girl? What are your treat items?

Beauty: At Home Facial with A REN Dupe

I rarely stray from my skincare staples and if I do, it’s never, ever unresearched. I have products I have used for years which I thoroughly rely on, and any additions are subject to hours of googling. I never go and browse skincare aisles, I’d never pick something up without reading tens of blog posts first. But somehow I picked up this tube way back in January. My face was suffering from a combination of a new consultant-enforced diet and Christmas excess, it was dull and I was fed up.

 photo b8fea30a-d34b-4600-b811-a73f47f34116_zpsy4lh3fnj.jpgTurns out picking something up on a whim isn’t always a bad thing!

 photo d864e3ee-a829-4e35-88df-7b2bee8190a5_zps7rni65hb.jpgThe B. Revealed Glycolic Cleanser has become a staple. I wouldn’t use this as a cleanser, as the box seems to suggest, as I’m not convinced it could cope with makeup or daily grime. I reckon it could also be a bit harsh to use more often than weekly, whilst there’s no noticeable stinging I do feel my face is slightly inflamed and sore for a few hours after use. But it’s worth it! A thin layer smoothed over dry, clean skin, gently washed off after three minutes, doesn’t give instant results. It’s the next morning when, after my first cup of tea, I take note of what’s looking out of the mirror at me. Skin that looks as fresh as can be, a real glow, any dullness banished. Whilst it doesn’t really help clear up spots, I feel does unclog the pores on my nose slightly.

 photo 9972d073-425d-4de6-a79d-a98d5d63d1f6_zpsfxs92ers.jpgIt’s not a miracle worker, not by any means. Effects aren’t particularly long-lasting, but they are there. It would be the perfect mask to use the night before a day out, and using weekly has kept my skin looking pretty healthy recently. I’ve been alternating using this with the cult REN Glycolic Radiance Renewal mask and the verdict? The REN version smells nicer, and is a lot more of a treat to use. But the results are indistinguishable, and the price different not insignificant – the B. version is £8 a tube, but virtually always half price. And I’d choose it anyday, more pennies for lipsticks!

Have you tried any B. skincare? I’m currently looking for an oil or serum suitable for sensitive dehydrated skin, so send recommendations my way!

Beauty: DIY Brightening Face Mask

I’ve always been slightly averse to chemicals. I hate using bleach and strong cleaning chemicals. One, they hurt my nose (it’s a lot more sensitive now, despite being 15+ months post surgery). Two, I just don’t think they are necessary. There are nicer things that do just a good a job. Same with cosmetics. Obviously I do use chemicals, the majority of things I do use are still high-street bought. But I do try and use natural alternatives where possible. Coconut oil for body moisturising. Deep conditioners of egg, honey and more coconut oil. And now this face mask.

 photo de9eb07c-573d-4495-bbc7-e235a89d129b_zps28cf9bf9.jpgThis is a real weekly treat for the skin, I’ve found its making a visible difference now I’ve used it for a while. The honey moisturises (and is also great for blemishes). The turmeric brightens and adds subtle and gentle exfoliation. Rosewater is a great natural toner, refreshing, as well as adding a lovely scent. I use Steenbergs Organic Rose Water* from Real Foods (a site I love for natural buys!), and I reckon this is the best value I’ve found.

 photo f795e6af-9c29-4fb6-a316-9d2262c8d030_zps4501dddd.jpgMixing up is ridiculously simple. Half a teaspoon of turmeric, a teaspoon of honey, and rosewater to thin slightly. Mix together, apply, and leave for 5-10 minutes. Wash off well. Alternatively, leave the rosewater out and sweep some over skin with a cotton pad after washing the mask off. Be warned though – don’t use this wearing nice clothes. Turmeric stains like hell, which is another reason why you don’t want to leave this mask on too long.
 photo ce1dc4f8-704e-4f77-9982-9f9e327a2a5b_zps94085404.jpg

That’s it. Quick, easy and no nasty unpronounceable chemicals. Do you make your own beauty products, or prefer more natural alternatives? 

Beauty: Staying Moisturised

Until this year I’ve never suffered too badly with dry skin. Sure, I’ve had some dry patches in the winter, and if I shave too regularly my legs feel pretty parched. But nothing too severe, and since I stopped straightening my hair twice (yes, twice!) a day that’s been in pretty good condition too. But now I’ve started working in an air conditioned office, walking to and from work in all weathers, and spending far more hours than normal on trains something is sucking my body of all its moisture. Even my eyes are dry for heaven’s sake!

 photo be037bf8-91f6-48df-bc56-89259e818c1b_zps8ee743e7.jpgI’ve had to put an extra special effort into staying moisturised, and here’s what’s helping…

 photo 88bbc847-de26-4356-88b3-2dde31889dd4_zps5502b28d.jpgDespite still enjoying using the Nivea In Shower Moisturiser, it’s not quite moisturising enough. It stops my skin feeling sore as I dry it, but other than that it doesn’t seem to benefit my skin as much as it used to. I’ve taken to smoothing on pure coconut oil just after a shower – this is the only thing that really, really seems to help me skin. I’m also using it as a deep conditioner every once in a while, and before having my haircut was using it on any straggly ends too.

 photo 0dae5096-c094-48f9-839f-ef895761f9fc_zps15c49e22.jpgOf course, I can’t quite stop at coconut oil. I love the smell of the Wild Argan collection from The Bodyshop – its incredibly comforting, so I’ve been using the body lotion before bed. I’ll be honest, it’s not particularly moisturising, but it does the job, and sinks in quickly. It’s great for dry elbows though, as you can really massage it in. I’m desperate for the body butter, but as I’ve mentioned before I’ll never buy from there without an offer, and this range is STILLLLL excluded from discounts.

 photo cb40fee4-ab75-4ba7-9ab3-6cd7fd8265e7_zpsffe417e3.jpgMy feet are suffering from the bad weather we’ve been having recently – think torrential rain paired with burst water mains vs ballet pumps. Not only has think made them quite dry and neglected, I’m also keen to get them in good shape for winter. Having had chilblains most winters for a few years as a result of silly shoes and not enough socks, my feet are a priority this year. Chilblains is not particularly nice, especially when you believed it was only a feature in war-time stories. I’ve been slathering on virtually any moisturiser I can get my hands on, but for a deep treatment the Hemp Foot Protector from The Bodyshop can’t really be beaten. It smells pretty vile, but is amazingly effective. Their Peppermint version is lovely for summer too.

 photo eb786be6-2d9d-4308-aadb-74befbbcd042_zps39f549bd.jpgFinally, I’m not sure anyone gets through the winter without chapped lips. I’ve been using Nuxe Reve de Miel for a few months, and am still unsure it’s up to the hype. Sure, I wake up with gorgeously smooth lips, but I find they are often parched again by the evening. Burt’s Bees is my ultimate day-time lip balm – I’m hoping to try some of their more pigmented products soon. You all know how I love a good bold lip!

So, how about you? Do you find air conditioning hellish on your skin? How do you keep your skin soft?

Beauty: What’s in my Shower

First off, let’s show a little appreciation for this gorgeous ‘product holder’ that’s hanging in the bathroom. Seriously cute, and the whole house I am living with is styled pretty similarly. The bathroom is gorgeous – massive, with a huge bathtub, massive marble-topped linen cupboard, and the most lovely mirror made out of an old-fashioned door. My accommodation this year is definitely spoiling me, student houses for next year aren’t very appealing!

 photo 81b84276-2fcf-4326-9069-5867a605aeac_zps01ab234a.jpgEver since becoming a student I’ve tried to keep my shower routine to a minimum. I’ve always shared a bathroom, and whilst that’s never been a problem I don’t want to be the first to be accused of hogging it! This year I’m the only one who showers in the evening (often in an empty house) but I’m still rushing through – renting a room means I don’t want to be taking the mickey when it comes to increasing bills. As I travel home at least once a month this isn’t a problem; deep conditioning and hair dying gets done then!

 photo 570149e1-2382-4d40-95d2-229a844f4789_zps9e06fa95.jpgI start my washing my hair. I have a strange routine normally, whereby I only shampoo once a fortnight, and co-wash the rest of the time. This has been blown out of the window since July when I won EmTalks’ giveaway of some Toni&Guy goodies. Whilst I can’t say my hair enjoys being washed ‘properly’ so often, I love the styling products and as they contain silicones co-washing wouldn’t be enough to actually clean my hair. Co-washing actually gets quite scientific and technical, but let me know if you’d like to see a post!

 photo 695f608e-8575-4959-8f40-ec617dabbe5c_zpsca980454.jpgAfter shampooing, I’ll load in a good handful of conditioner, using my fingers to detangle (I don’t brush my hair!). Whilst that’s sinking in I’ll wash and condition my body too! I have quite sensitive skin on my arms, with most shower gels really irritating it and drying it out. I now swear by Bodyshop’s gels, they are the only ones that don’t make me regret washing! I like more natural scents; Olive is a favourite, and at the moment I’m using Moringa which is light but floral. I’m desperate for the Wild Argan Oil one though, it will definitely be purchased as soon as that new range is included in offers – I can’t be the only one who refuses to purchase from the Bodyshop at full price?!

 photo 8c7cfc3f-5e4a-4d6f-bc66-c2cf6a2be8fa_zps08086004.jpgInitially unimpressed (to say the least) by Nivea’s In-Shower Moisturiser, it’s now something I use regularly. Now this wouldn’t be enough on its own, but its fine for layering underneath my more regular moisturisers. My skin feels less irritated by the water (I hate water down South, it’s so harsh on the skin!) when I use this too. I definitely wouldn’t rely on it, but I’d always like to have a bottle. I want to try the Superdrug version too, as it just smells slightly better.

 photo d61dfacd-25c1-42f4-b0d0-951c2049fde2_zps1ff8e3a6.jpgAfter all this I rinse out my conditioner, rinse my hair again upside down, plop it into a t-shirt, towel down, and slip into my pyjamas. All done in under 10 minutes. Give or take.

What shower products are you loving at the moment? Any favourite Bodyshop scent?


Beauty: Budget Facemasks for Sensitive Skin

My skin is strangely sensitive. It isn’t (overly) spotty if you ignore the hormonal breakout that occurs with impressive regularity, but it definitely objects to certain ingredients. I’ve not managed to quite work out all of these ingredients, although one of them appears to be Vitamin E oil – strange I know, but this brings sore, swollen eczema-like patches all over my face. Ever-so attractive of course. Now, in the past six months or so I’ve loved nothing more than snuggling up to a #lbloggers chat whilst pampering myself with a face mask. It’s the perfect chance to treat any issues my skin decides to present (which varies from oily blackheads, to hormonal pimples, to dry patches), and I’ve managed to try a few different masks. You can read about my Lush experience here, but here’s my latest loves and hates.

 photo dec2879f-3ec2-47a9-b769-b0717ac569f0_zps011d59aa.jpgMy favourite mask of the bunch just so happens to be the first one I ever purchases. Bodyshop’s Warming Mineral mask is very spa-like – smells gorgeous (a little spicy) with just the right amount of warming to feel tingly without worrying my face will fall off. It’s a little difficult to rinse off, but the results are worth it. Any muck is drawn out of pores, and my skin is left feel soft. It is a little drying, but I’ve found even if I don’t moisturise and go off to bed my skin is fine the next day. I’ve also found that I get little spots if I don’t use this at least twice a week, so it’s now firmly in my bathroom for after-hairwash use. Love love this one!

 photo 8955f3a5-a301-4212-8a6d-b1f5409204fd_zps3bc5f81a.jpgNow it’s on to the hates. I was probably inappropriately excited when I found out Aldi were releasing two facemasks. Something affordable and that I can pick up on my weekly shop, what more could I want?! The first disappointment was the price. They were £3.99 which I felt was a little pricey for Aldi. The boxes seemed big enough though, so I trundled off to the tills with both in my basket. Second disappointment? The size of the actual bottles. These are pretty tiny, and I can’t say I’m impressed. Most of the money seems to go on the brush, which in my opinion is just a gimmick. The worst thing though was the reaction I had to the Nutri-Build-Up mask – a bright red face, swelling, itchy and a lot of discomfort. If I’m being kind, it did leave my skin nice and soft, but so, so, so not worth it. I’m now scared of trying the Anti-Fatigue one, has anyone tried it?!

 photo 86ce84e2-3617-4f75-b418-9be7ad7aea25_zps719e33ce.jpgI always want to finish on a high note, so now I’ll talk about my latest purchase – Bodyshop’s Aloe Protective Restoring Facemask. A bit of a mouthful to say, but (other than the play-doh scent) it’s comes with a definitely highly recommended by me! Moisturising without making me feel oily, this is great for repairing my skin after several days in the air-conditioned office. This is my favourite for relaxing in as it doesn’t need to be washed off, I also tend to apply a small amount before bed instead of a moisturiser which is working well. So it is possible – a moisturising mask that doesn’t cause breakouts, don’t aggravate sensitive skin, and doesn’t break the bank compared to some I could name…a winner in my eyes!

What facemasks do you use?

Beauty: Current Skincare Routine

I’ve really upped my game skincare wise recently – having started a ‘proper job’ my skin really rebelled against the air-conditioning of the office, and was dry, sore and itchy. Coupled with breakouts caused by wearing more makeup than normal, I really wasn’t happy in my own skin (pun intended)…things are now slowly on the up, and it’s never been in such good condition.

 photo 49b3a026-fd34-46a3-b2bb-fbaf173e3922_zps6ee4df17.jpgWhen I first get in, I remove makeup. I start by using Garnier Micellar Water to get rid of eye-makeup – I used to use this on my whole face, but actually find it quite irritating and drying. Definitely fine for the eyes though. I then use Bodyshop’s Camomile Oil Cleanser over my whole face – this gets rid of everything, and leaves my face very soft. I massage it onto dry skin, splash my face with water and continue massaging (it turns into a milky liquid), then rinse off.

 photo 0131fb63-5f50-4d34-8158-b437f660bff7_zps4e1fc8b9.jpgBefore bed, I wash my face with Dr Organic Pomegranate Soap, which I’ve talked about before. Everytime I remove this from my routine my skin breaks out, so its staying firmly in for the foreseeable future! I then just use some Pixi-Glow Tonic swiped over my face, before moisturising with the pink Garnier Moisture Match. I’ll then slap on some of the hyped Nuxe lip balm before bed. Note – this is overhyped, but the smell is gorgeous.

Now, a little chat about Pixi Glow Tonic. At £16 it is not what I’d class as budget skincare. However my bottle has lasted me since Valentine’s day with daily useage, and I also have two small bottles filled from it at home and my boyfriends. So I’d say it would last a good year, which makes it a decent investment. And it works. My skin has never been softer, my skin tone has improved dramatically – and spots clear up in double-quick time with no (!) scarring.

 photo fa93f035-89b6-4925-b301-af2df0901c86_zps5f198e67.jpgIn the morning I’ll cleanse with the oil if I feel a little grubby, moisturise with the yellow moisturiser, before continuing with my makeup. Occasionally if I’m in need of a lift I’ll use Nuxe Youth & Radiance Revealing Fluid (also won alongside the lip balm) – its good, does work, but way overpriced! Oh, and both morning and night I’ll use a cheapy eye-cream – the patting really does help with puffy bags!
 photo 49b3a026-fd34-46a3-b2bb-fbaf173e3922_zps6ee4df17.jpg

What’s your current skincare routine?