Beauty: Brightening Tired Eyes

One of the things I really, really would love to change about myself is my dark circles. I’ve managed to learn to love my curves, my wonky eyebrows, my difficult-to-control hair, but I simply cannot train myself to like my dark circles. I think it is the inability to hide them – I always seem to look pretty exhausted, and anything that alleviates the blue tones tends to look cakey, heavy and 100x worse.

Well, that was the case up until a few months ago…

 photo Brightening Tired Eyes 8_zpszxwmakgv.jpgI finally discovered a concealer colour corrector which manages to hide my dark circles pretty well, stay put all day, not irritate the hell out of my eyes and not add 20 years worth of wrinkles. Win win! The thick ‘putty’ like texture of the NYX Dark Circle Corrector (read more about my experience with NYX here) does mean I did to do a it of prep work – eye cream around five minutes beforehand – but as someone conscious of ageing I do this daily anyway. Patting in the product, followed by a tiny dusting of powder means I’ll at least look awake all day, even if I don’t feel it!

On extremely tired days I top with a more brightening concealer for extra coverage and highlight – the Barry M one is my current favourite. Mainly because that’s the only option I have – can you tell I’m not a beauty blogger?! Oh, and any puffy cheek redness is easily hidden by the NYX Concealer in Green. I can’t say how much I’m loving colour correcting right now!

 photo Brightening Tired Eyes 7_zpsapjev5tw.jpg photo Brightening Tired Eyes 5_zpscpjyrs5p.jpgAnother NYX product I’ve been loving for ‘waking myself up’ is their Wonder Pencil. Aimed at neutralizing any redness on the waterline, I find it does that and more. It adds a subtle highlight, perfect for the inner eye and almost under the brow-bone. That little touch not only makes me more awake, but adds a bit of definition to my face which helps me look more put together. Definitely not a bad thing when I’m spending 5 minutes on my makeup each morning…

 photo Brightening Tired Eyes 4_zps1nalnwbq.jpgAdd in a lash-lengthening mascara and some brow definition and I’m good to go. These products have really revolutionized my work-day makeup. I find that as my dark circles are covered I spend less time adding in ‘distraction’ elsewhere; I don’t need to have perfect eyeshadow or a bold lip everyday. This means more time in bed in the mornings – always a good thing in my book!

What is your favourite makeup item? What is your everyday makeup routine?