Lifestyle: Lately #1

I’m finally, finally starting to feel a bit better. I’m not sure whether the lingering illness was the problem, or whether it was the fact that I was so, so tired and exhausted. I was going from doing nothing one day, to a whole 13+ hour day flat hunting the next and my body just wasn’t happy with that. Since the middle of the week I’ve been making sure I get enough rest and I think it’s paid off. A little wander round Tesco isn’t resulting in a nap like it did on Tuesday at least!

 photo Life Lately 1_zpsarh4lxxf.pngAnyway, I thought I’d introduce a few more semi-regular types of post around here, something to give me a bit of inspiration in a few months when I’m working full-time. Something which gives a little bit of an insight into my life, without being too long and ramble-y. Sometimes I feel like my only really personal posts are my monthly favourites, and I definitely want to try and change that – so here’s a quick run-down of bits and pieces I’ve been doing.

Doing – flat-hunting, coughing, sunbathing, blowing my nose, emptying the loft.

Visiting – Brighton, London.

Watching – Breaking Bad, My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2* (love this, and fans who buy a copy on DVD or Blu-Ray will receive a £20 voucher to redeem against a meal until October at The Real Greek restaurants), The Disappearance.

Reading – The Pact, (very) old issues of BBC Good Food magazine.

Eating – bad things, plenty of ice-cream, hedgerow muesli* (link).

Craving – KFC, zingy salads.

There are definitely a few changes coming soon to my little space on the interwebs. I’m desperate to introduce a Happy Monday style post inspired by Katy, so fingers crossed I’ll figure out a way to do that (and keep doing it when life gets busy). I also need to step on it and sort out my little rebrand too…exciting times ahead!

What have you been up to lately? 

Personal: Bear With Me

You might have noticed the lack of new posts over the weekend. Maybe the slight lack of social-ness on my Twitter account. The lack of imagination of my Instagram snaps. The truth is, despite not having an awful lot to do, I’m pretty exhausted right now.

 photo 2016-07-20 20.19.27_zpswzntutcg.jpgThe very morning after graduating, I came down with a sore throat. By the time W’s graduation rolled around I felt like I was struggling to swallow, I was coughing unbearably when lying down, and getting through boxes of Kleenex at an alarming rate. Despite us disappearing off for a relaxing few days in Brighton, things still haven’t settled down and we are now approaching a solid fortnight of feeling rubbish.

There’s nothing seriously wrong, certainly nothing overly diagnosable though I’m pretty sure I’ve hit my first sinus infection since having them operated on three years ago. I just feel extremely tired, run down and fed up.

I’m also spending a large chunk of my time flat hunting right now, ready to rent mine and W’s first little home together in London. We’ve found out that looking for a flat is really difficult when you are currently based well over an hour away from your preferred areas, the London rental market moves so quickly. We’re fast working out what we definitely don’t want in a home, which I guess is a bonus, but also starting to feel a little stressed that we won’t find anything. Who said adulting was fun?!

 photo Severn Valley Railway 25_zpshvowo3vp.jpgSo this is just a note to say, bear with me. I’ll be back soon, when I feel a little better and things are (hopefully!) calmer! Unfortunately Wordpress has ‘lost’ post drafts which were virtually ready to go, so I can’t even get those up to cover the little gap in posting I forsee – but what I will try and do is stay a bit more active on social media, share a bit about my holiday and the flat hunting process, and generally just enjoy some time off. I have a mountain of blog posts to actually read too – I’m looking forward to catching up with those!

Apologies, and I hope to be back soon! Feel free to leave me with some blog links for reading whilst snuggled on the sofa (or on numerous train trips to London!).

What’s Occurring Wednesday: New Lifestyle Series

Remember my What’s Cooking Wednesday series? I really enjoyed doing that over my second year, but I’m not sure it’s too feasible in my third year – I’m working full-time on placement, and quite often will finish later or more exhausted than expected so planned meals can go out of the window. But I do want a place to show you what I’ve been up to, things that don’t need a whole post but would otherwise go unmentioned. And of course I’m sure food will feature heavily too!

 photo 2014-09-06123644_zps9069005d.jpgSo, I’ve mentioned my placement. Since the end of July I’ve been working as an Actuarial Assistant in a large insurance firm. Can’t say too much about my job as it’s quite confidential, but I can say I despite the job title of Actuarial Assistant – it seems to be widely used across the industry, but it sounds so basic. Trust me its not, I’m far from an assistant! I’ve learnt so much in time I’ve been there, my mind swims with Excel shortcuts and VBA code each day, but it’s so worth stretching myself knowing this is definitely where I want to be after graduation. If you’re at university and have the chance of a placement or internship, then go for it – it’s an amazing opportunity! My placement has meant yet another move to a different part of the country, and I’m now based in Surrey. I’ll be doing a post about my new place soon, but I have to say I’m liking Surrey so far. I can get to London in under half an hour, and the train is ridiculously cheap too compared to what I was used to.

 photo 2014-09-06135756_zpse4b36183.jpg photo adcfcdd9-724b-45b0-98ed-63e33ac88890_zps35f545d6.jpgWhen I’ve not been sleeping (full time work is exhausting!) weekends have mainly been spent getting to know my area, usually with my man. Last weekend we were lucky enough to be invited to review a local Indian, so expect a post on that tomorrow. We also came across a local street food festival, which will be featured soon enough.

 photo 2014-09-06123920_zps521cee13.jpg2014-08-30 14.13.28You may have noticed an improvement in pictures – meet my new baby! I turn 21 in December and asked for a camera for my parents. Whilst they were in Turkey the Canon EOS M was discontinued and heavily reduced in most places, I’d set my heart on this one so I ordered away. I then decided that as they haven’t paid me back yet I’d keep it! I got it for a really good price, though I think I’ve already spent far too much on a pretty case, and a lens adapter for it. I’ll be putting a 50mm lens on my list now too! I’m under no illusions than a camera will automatically improve my photos, but I think I’d outgrown my HTC phone camera, and my pictures just weren’t doing it for me. Getting a camera has also encouraged me to learn more about photography basics, and I’m slowly but surely seeing improvement. Not overnight, but it is getting there and I’m finally feeling a little more proud of my blog because of this!

 photo 2014-09-01191654_zpsc5e6aa72.jpgAnd finally, to the food. Having a job = more money = more food. I’ve definitely been treating myself on the food front, no way would I have spent £3.50 on a packet of pastrami as a student. It was delicious though! I’ve also been doing plenty of baking – my Peanut-aires shortbread were spectacularly well received. Amazingly yummy, and surprisingly quick and cheap. I’m still technically a student after all!

That was a longer post than expected! What have you been up to lately?