Wedding Planning: An Update

It’s been quite a while since I posted anything wedding-y. Unfortunately exams got in the way, I don’t think either of us had room in our brains for churches-and-white-dresses alongside toaster projects and engineering drawings (W) and mortality, mean variance portfolio theory and financial derivatives (me). Then university was over and the planning could start!

 photo Wedding Planning Update 1_zpsyh8qdn2g.jpgIt kicked off with me ordering my dress. Yep, the first thing we did was order the wedding dress, despite having not set a date (other than in our heads), despite not having a church, not having a venue, not having a clue what kind of day we were really having. Ooops. I’m obviously not saying too much about the dress, mainly to keep it from W, but also because I want it to be a surprise to virtually everyone. In fact, only my mum will be coming to fittings from now on, so my lips are sealed! I will be doing a few ‘Dress Shopping’ posts though, so there may well be a few sneaky details slip out there…

Then we had a serious week of wed-min (that’s wedding admin, according to the numerous bridal Facebook groups I’m part of). We picked a week where both sets of parents were away, not because we don’t want to include them, but because we wanted to make sure the big decisions were made just by us. And then we got on with it. We booked up a busy week; three venues and a meeting with the vicar.

It was all surprisingly easy!

 photo Wedding Planning Update 4_zpsyhna7gzm.jpgWe have a strong connection to the church we wanted to get married in through W, so it really was just a case of chatting with the vicar briefly, picking our date, popping it in the diary and filing in a quick form. The most difficult part was me signing it – as a left-hander a fountain pen is pretty alien to me! Apparently that’s something I have to practice before the big day…

I’ll be talking more about the venues we visited in a few weeks, as essentially we visited three very different venues, at very different price-points. I was originally worried that we wouldn’t be able to choose between the three, but there was one which was clearly our favourite. The venue we picked is stunning, but perhaps even more importantly the service we received was fabulous. From quick email replies to genuine interest in ourselves as a couple, we were completely sold.

So, now we have a dress, a church ceremony and a reception venue. And a date of course! The next step will be to look at caterers and photographers (any Midlands-based recommendations would be hugely appreciated!), but with over 25 months to go, we’re lucky we don’t have to rush into any decision making. I’m making the most of all the excitement! We celebrated with an engagement party at the beginning of the month where we announced our date – so the countdown is on until 6 October 2018 – eek!

 photo Wedding Planning Update 3_zpsogx41eb3.jpgOh, and our countdown sign? It makes me cry everytime I look at it – for some reason seeing it in “real life” makes it all the more real. We’re actually getting married!

Do you have anything exciting to look forward to? Any recommendations for wedding planning? 

Wedding “Planning”: The National Wedding Show

I mentioned a few weeks back that me and W were tentatively attending the Wedding Show in Birmingham. We were nervous, scared and apprehensive – we had no idea what it would involve, few ideas about what we wanted for our big day. We essentially felt like children role-playing a wedding day!

 photo The National Wedding Show 2_zpsdecksrvf.jpgWe were invited to attend the day as VIPs with Debenhams – so kicked off in style with glasses of bubbles. I flicked through bridal magazines (my new obsession) and he planned out route around the various stands. I half expected to have to drag W along with me, but actually he was probably more enthusiastic than me about the whole thing!

 photo The National Wedding Show 22_zpsdeigedb7.jpg photo The National Wedding Show 18_zpslljj4xff.jpg photo The National Wedding Show 16_zps8o9q9uik.jpg photo The National Wedding Show 12_zpscz1h5fgg.jpgHeading to the (very pretty) Debenhams stand first I was hugely excited by the discovery that Jacques Vert now do bridal gowns – and one in particular is really rather nice! I used to work for JV in a Debenhams so I’m pretty familiar with all the wedding things they have to offer, but it was nice to root around some of the more exclusive brands. I’m definitely in love with some Jenny Packham bridesmaid dresses, and W was rather taken with some of the suits they had on offer.

Unsatisifed with an extremely expensive and decidedly lukewarm-on-the-verge-of-cold jacket potato, we made our way round W’s planned route…

In all honesty, we discovered it’s probably a bit early for us to go to things like this. We aren’t actively planning, our ‘in our heads’ set date is well over two years away – but it was nice to get some ideas of what we want. And what we don’t want (looking at you, wedding abroad stands!).

 photo The National Wedding Show 7_zpsajkjhsp5.jpg photo The National Wedding Show 6_zpsz9cb0lnu.jpg photo The National Wedding Show 5_zpsdzmrmlhy.jpgNow, I didn’t really look at any dresses. One, W was there with me and let’s just say I suck at poker. He wants a complete surprise and the last thing I wanted to do was give it away. However I did have a cheeky run through some of the bridal stands and… I wasn’t impressed. None of the dresses came even close to me wanting to try them on, and actually the thought of parading around for everyone to see gave me palpitations…

We did, though, find the most lovely photographer who is very definitely on a ‘maybe’ list. We got some great decoration and guestbook ideas. And we found the confetti I’m pretty sure I want (I have a horrid aversion to the papery stuff, it makes me feel a little ill!), along with an adorable company providing favours.

 photo The National Wedding Show 1_zpsrzyolu0g.jpgAll in all, a fun day out, it was a lovely way to spend an afternoon with W. We’ll definitely be heading back when we’re a bit further into the planning!

Any tips for wedding novices?

Lifestyle: How I Would Propose

In celebration of 2016’s leap year, I thought I’d share the ideas I came up with a few months ago, back in the last few weeks of 2015 where I thought I’d be proposing on February 29th…Obviously after December’s events that’s not going to be happening but I thought I might as well make some use of the list I drew up!
 photo Proposal Story 5_zpsrwdef4zl.jpg
 photo IMG_1725_zpsvd6buokz.jpg

Train Station Platform

Being in an LDR gives us a love-hate relationship with trains, however one of my favourite moments is pulling up to the platform and spotting him standing there. I remember one of our first visits (way back in the beginning of university!) when he surprised me at the station before his, walking down the carriage with a bunch of flowers. Trust me, seeing your partners face after a period apart is the best feeling in the world – and what better way to improve it by popping the question? If the 29th had fallen on a Friday this would definitely have been top of my list!
 photo 481096_3323969390467_557970421_n_zpspoum63y7.jpg


This place really does hold a special place in our hearts – it was where we first went on holiday together, his family have been going back for years, and it is a breathtakingly beautiful country. I think we both would have loved to get engaged there, however decided it was rather too expensive for a few years. Typically, as this post goes live I will actually be in Switzerland…


Another one for LDR couples, and probably the ‘easiest’ of the bunch – though proposing with no possibility of a hug after seems a little bit sad (probably because I was pretty hysterical when he asked and flung myself into his arms). In fact I’m almost tempted to stage a little Skype proposal on Monday anyway!

 photo Proposal Story 6_zpsnr82oxsf.jpgI was always the girl who thought she didn’t want a ‘big’ proposal, who said she would know when it was coming. In reality, whilst I was pretty sure that it would happen that weekend, I was pretty much blown off my feet when W did propose. I could never have prepared myself for how it would feel, that moment your “someone” gets down on one knee in front of you and tells you that you’re the one they want to spend their life with, asks you if you feel the same. Even now, over two months on, I still daydream back to that moment.

How would you propose, or how were you proposed to?