Fashion: SS16 Wishlist

It’s getting to the time of year where I’m bored of my wardrobe, bored of heavy figure-hiding jumpers, bored of thick black tights, fed up of ankle boots. Yet this year I’m not exactly enamored with my summer wardrobe either. The majority of it is far too big for me, my style has grown up a bit since I bought most of it. And as a penniless final-year student (with as yet no job lined up) I’m not exactly in a position to rush out and buy a whole new wardrobe.

SS16 Wishlist


Being penniless hasn’t, however, stopped me obsessively browsing online for bits and pieces I’d love. These are just a few of the bits I’ve bookmarked recently…

The pinafore I’m absolutely in love with. I have the black version though, and I know just how short it is! I’m not exactly tall, but the regular version is reserved for wearing with thick black tights only! I have a feeling that the one in the ‘tall’ section will be too long in the body on me, but we shall see…

The dress (well, at $430 maybe not this exact one!) is something I’m looking for ready for Summer Ball. I ideally want something simple and black, which I can jazz up with gold accessories. And gold flat sandals, because “Summer Ball” is actually in the carpark, and we’re planning a boozy BBQ throughout the entire afternoon.

The satchel-style bag in the top-right is something I might actually be getting. The Leather Satchel Company recently ran a kickstarter campaign to raise funds for a customisation tool – which was fully backed way past target. I pledged £60 in return for a mini-satchel, and this colour combination is my favourite so far. I only wish I could have pledged more, as I’m really lusting after a two-pocket satchel…

So much I want, so little pennies to spend! What are you lusting over at the moment?

Beauty: Brands I Want to Try in 2016

2015 was the year I bought a lot of makeup, but I also discovered what I liked (bold lips), what I hated (cheap eyeshadows), and what suited my skin (not a lot!). Towards the end of the year I really cut down my spending, not buying myself a lot and only asking for a few special bits as gifts. Playing around with more ‘me’ pieces has led to some serious lust over the high-end alternatives and I’ve ended up with a lot of brands I want to try over the next year.

 photo Makeup 3_zpsumedhc0e.jpgAnd I know it’s wayyyy too early, but I’m planning on doing my wedding makeup myself. And I’m pretty sure it’s just so I have an excuse to treat myself…
 photo Makeup 14_zpsdvidz9sp.jpg photo Makeup 15_zpsm3sxqprt.jpg


I treated myself to my first Nars product in the January sales last year; the now discontinued Doucuer blush. I love it – the formula is great, the colour perfect. And this has sparked a major interest in the brand. I’ve heard nothing but good things, so I think the next thing to investigate is their lip pencils!

The blush itself is the perfect colour for my pale complexion, adding definition and a bit of colour without being too dramatic. Why have they discontinued this?!
 photo Makeup 8_zpsx4pjxcv9.jpg


Possibly a bit of an obvious one for me given my love-affair with the Ambient Lighting palette, but I definitely want to try more from the Hourglass stand! I’m mainly tempted by the powders and blushes – Mood Exposure will be mine!


Oh, how I wish this was easier to get hold of! I’ve been super impressed with one of their blushes, but I’m desperate to get hold of their powder foundation. I’m a big fan of powder foundations but do find the coverage to be hit and miss so this sounds like the perfect answer!
 photo Makeup 7_zpsawgowi0k.jpg photo Makeup 11_zpsrsglks4f.jpg

Charlotte Tilbury

Having tried an eyeshadow palette that has quickly become my go-to, this is a brand I know I’ll love. I’m most tempted by the lipsticks – the mattes seem to have the most amazing formulation and gorgeous shades!

The eyeshadow palette I have is ‘The Sophisticate’ and if I’m 100% honest I’m not actually tempted by any of the others. This one however is the perfect basic neutral quads. The shadows are satin finish – not shimmery, but not quite matte. They apply like a dream, blend beautifully, last a decent time and when they do fade do so evenly. I’ve found this palette perfect for daytime wear as well as amping up for an evening look – perfect for a weekend away!
 photo Makeup 1_zpsukngqh8x.jpg

So, a bit of a mix, but it is (I say quite bashfully!) mainly high-end. It’s wishful thinking really as I know the vast majority of this is completely out of budget!

What brands do you want to try more of?

Lifestyle: An Experience Wishlist

My holiday has proved just how much there is to see in this world, just how much I haven’t seen. Even though I had already visited Venice as part of a cruise itinerary thirteen (!) years ago it was surprising how awestruck I was last week. It was such an utterly stunning place, I’m already desperate to go back.

 photo Wandering in Venice 19_zpsvpyzgtb3.jpg photo Wandering in Venice 7_zpspqrvnhw4.jpgI could write an entire post moaning about being back in the UK, my holiday being over, the lack of forthcoming excitement, but instead I’m going to aim at being positive. I’m going to talk about what I want to do, what I want to see, what I want to get out of life.

Travel More

I’ve never been tempted (and I doubt I ever will be!) to do the traditional backpacking thing. I’m considering interrailing around Europe, though I’m a bit wary of hostels (I hate sleeping in front of others). But I do want to travel, see more places. I’d love to see the Great Wall, I’m hugely intrigued by Japan. New Zealand and Australia are high on my wishlist, my top honeymoon choice is a foodie roadtrip around America. I’d love to bathe in the Caribbean sea, almost as much as I’d like to bathe in Iceland’s Blue Lagoon. So many places.

Go to the Opera

I’ve always been intrigued by the opera, but felt it was a bit mature for me, a little old-fashioned, perhaps a little stuck-up. That was before I heard about the London Coliseum’s production of Carmen. A slightly modernised production, the opera deals with the love and jealousy of a soldier, who is lured away from his duty and his love by the gypsy factory-girl Carmen, whom he allows to escape from custody.

The storyline sounds brilliant, the reviews are excellent. Whilst I’m not sure I’ll be able to make a performance I’m hoping that one of the live screenings will be shown near me.

Learn to Snowboard

I bought W (and myself!) a snowboarding lesson for his twentieth birthday and we both really enjoyed it. We’d need to start from the beginning again now but I would love to properly learn and be able to snowboard freely, away from a lesson. I say that now, when I’ve forgotten the pain I was in after that session…

Dine from a Tasting Menu

At a fancy restaurant of course. It’s no secret that I am a BIG foodie, I just love the sheer pleasure eating brings. I’d love to be able to spend what seems like a fortune on a meal, a multiple course tasting menu to try as much as possible. One day!

Get Married, Have Babies

Image Source

The big one. I wasn’t wholly convinced I believed in marriage until a few years back but I guess one person can change your life! I know don’t doubt that one day I’ll marry and hopefully have children. I walked by the most gorgeous nursery shop in Rome whilst I was away, it was utterly adorable. And yep, I’m the girl with her nose pressed up against the glass when walking by a wedding dress shop…

Have you ever been to the opera? What are your life aims?

Weekend Wishlist (#1)

This isn’t going to be a regular series (you all know from my Fortnightly Finds that I can’t keep that up!) but I thought it would be nice to do. I like to map how my tastes change over time, but I also like to keep a note of things I really like just in case I win the lottery. So here goes with my first wishlist!

PicMonkey Collage

I’ve become a massive fan of Revlon’s lip products by reading various blogs, and I want their new stains/balms in pretty much all colours. I’m trying to resist the temptation but one has already accidentally made its way home with me! I’m going to have to resist though as I had some large and unexpected expenditure to deal with this week – so no pennies left for treats!

As you know from this post a few weeks ago, I love Massaman curry. I’m craving it again, but I can’t afford the paste, fish sauce and tamarind that I know it needs…I’m going to start picking up ingredients gradually over the next few weeks to spread out the cost!

It’s getting very cold at night, and rather than turn the heating up (and raise the bills!) I’ve been relying on blankets to keep cosy. I love this one from Muji (which happens to be one of my favourite shops at the moment!).

Valentine’s is coming up, and everything seems to be turning red/pink and heart-covered. I’m normally not a fan of this, but I’ve taken a shine to this notebook from Paperchase. I really am a stationary lover, though already have far too many notebooks!

Since receiving Naked 3 for Christmas I’ve been on the lookout for a good eye-primer to really enhance the shadows. The Artdeco one is something I really want to try at some point.

You probably all know that I’m a fan of Filofaxes – whilst I love mine I think this Osterley would be the perfect compliment to it. Having said that, the new release Filofaxes should be published around now, so I’m looking forward to seeing what will be available to buy this year.

Finally, I really fell in love with this shirt dress in Dorothy Perkins today. I love shirt dresses as they tend to fit me perfectly, and I love the pattern and colours of this. So pretty!

Have you fallen in love with anything recently?